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sometimes I’m in doubt
I think and then back behind
and only then I realize the lack you make me
is sad
I don’t know what you think
I don’t know what you want
don’t know if u would change for me
or simply doesn’t care
and whatever
you give me hope
after give me up
my head is confused
but I know nothing that made ​​me happy
makes me more
because I don’t have you
all this is so irrational
but can’t
avoid wonder if the fact
don’t forget easily.
if don’t even i, understand me?
say to me
what you feel,
what you have to say.
we don’t love the most beautiful,
or who else loves you,
we just love without explanation.
things i would say
and I gave up
i felt i have nothing, nothing, and nothing more.
just have my inside
but nobody wants this thing, “inside” …
and have nothing to offer
and i think again
about everything
and think just makes me die more
and you make me think
so you make me die